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Only Love is

Message to light workers Oct 18, 2021 @ 11:11

Dear loved ones, 

The collective is going to possibly get pushed a little further or possibly a lot further in an attempt to unload very heavy weight they have been carrying for a long time. This is mere an attempt to help them release the old - the methods being used are extreme so it requires a lot of strength an extremely high frequency to be able to transmute or move this energy out of earth from ground to outer space at which time will be transmuted. This transmutation at this time can not happen with the earth atmosphere as the frequency will be to strong for majority of humanity at this time. 


If you feel the affects of this wave, the heavy from earth or the strong from outer space, please connect to your centre. Take a few deep breaths and connect back to your centre. Try to stay in your centre for at least 11 minutes. 

Once you are there say, I only allow love to move through me. I only allow love to move through me. I only allow love to move through me.”

Bless you, 


Zohra ( Venus)

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