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"We are all one. My wish is that “ The One” only experiences love, peace, harmony, safety and rejoice now and always - on earth and beyond. “ - Zohra (Venus) 

  Bufo sacred Toad medicine referred to as TheGodMolecule

 An extraordinary Transformational journey (one on one private session) 

For appointments contact directly


Upcoming Retreats

 Sacred journey to Peru, Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Event Dates 2023 


Sacred Shamanic Trinity Nature Medicine Retreat

Reconnecting to source (February 24 - 27, 2023)

Water front accomodations 4 days/ 3 nights (all inclusive) 

Meditation with grandmother from the amazon, Grandfather from the Andes, Yoga, Meditation, Nature and Ceremonies with all the elements

To RSVP for details please contact directly to put your name on the list 


March 11, 2023 

Shamanic Cacao with MicroDose Faery and forest medicin Ceremony Meditation 

 Going deep into meditation/ intention setting 4:00 PM - 8:00PM 


April 22 

Shamanic Earth Medicine Faery full day Ceremony 

Diving deep into your inner being 

Nature Faery medecine 


A Sacred Journey to Peru 

JUNE 2023 

transformational journey to 

The Heart of the Amazon Jungle, Sacred Valley and more

June 01 - June 10, 2023 ( Amazon Jungle Peru)

June 10 - 17 Cusco, Machu Piccu, Sacred Valley, Rainbow Mountain

For more details contact directly 


Thank you with Lots of Love!

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